Booking Terms and Conditions


1.       My Seaside Luxury is an agent. The agent acts solely as an agent for the owners. When you make a book a booking through My Seaside Luxury, you will enter into a contract with the owner for use of their property and any services, which the owner agrees to provide or arrange for you.

2.       All conditions within the terms and conditions below are applicable to all guests including group companies acting as an agents and we have issued the booking conformation/invoice to.

3.       The agent acts solely as an agent for the owner. When you make a booking for a property, you will enter into a contract with the owner for the use of their property you will enter into a contract with the owner. The owner has agreed to these booking conditions and they will form the basis of your contract with the owner. The owners do reserve the right to vary or add to these conditions either generally or in relation to any particular booking. If this is the case you will be notified.

4.       The bookings conditions are set on the basis on which My Seaside Luxury is the agency and advertises properties and administers the bookings. We are liable for the booking service only.

5.       We are not a property management company. The agent and the owner reserve the right to refuse any booking without any reason.



1.       The contract for renting the selected property is between you and the owner and it is subject to the terms and conditions below.

2.       Once the booking has been made are a deemed to have entered into a contract with the owner for the letting of your chosen property in accordance with the booking terms and conditions.

3.       The booking will be deemed and you will enter a legally binding contract once My Seaside Luxury issues you a booking conformation form.



1.       All booking conformations will be issued from My Seaside Luxury.

2.       We require all fields on the booking form to be filled out correctly and in full, without all these information your booking may be void.

3.       The booking will go through the agency.

4.       The contract will be between you and the owner.

5.       The booking will be taken through the agency and the legally binding contract will be taken up between you and the owner.

6.       All bookings are subject to these booking conditions.

7.       By asking us to make this booking the lead name and all the persons named on the booking confirm that they have read, understand and agree to the terms and conditions.

8.       The lead name on the booking must be a member of the party staying at the property, at least 21 years of age and must be authorised to make the booking on behalf of the other members of the party and is responsible for making all payments.

9.       We cannot accept bookings from anyone under the age of 21.

10.    All booking conditions are available on our website.

11.    You are booking accommodation only, no booking includes transport.


Deposits – booking deposit

1.       A deposit of 30% of the booking amount can be paid for any booking made more than 8 weeks in advance.

2.       The 30% will secure the booking.

3.       The 70% balance will be due 8 weeks before arrival.

4.       For bookings than in less than 8 weeks full payment will be needed.

5.       30% of the booking amount in all cases becomes non refundable.



Final payment

1.       The full balance of the accommodation needs to be paid 8 weeks prior to arrival or once the balance payment invoice arrives.

2.       If the balance has no been paid with in 7 days after receiving the balance, the guest will be contacted for full payment, if full payment is not received within 24 hours the booking will be cancelled due to breach of contract.




1.       All payments will be confirmed by email stating weather it is a deposit payment or full payment.

2.       All payments will be processed through a third party fully PCI compliant payment system (PayPal). Or via bank transfer.

3.       Please check all payments and booking conformations carefully; any queries need to be raised within 24 hours.

4.       As soon as this conformation is sent your booking will be contract with the owner.


Methods of payments

We accept payment by bank transfer.

We can also accept payment by debit/credit card through a third party payment terminal PayPal. All payments will be processed through them only.




1.       We are authorised by the owner to accept cancellations. We accept notices of cancellation made from the person who’s name is the lead guest by writing only via email only and once the email has been received will we confirm so. If you do not receive a response to say we have received your request, we will have not received your request; until the request has been received and confirmed by us please do not assume the holiday has been cancelled.

2.       The cancellation is effective from the day we confirm we have received your request.

3.       30% of the booking is automatically non refundable.

4.       If we the booking is more than 8 weeks away the deposit will only be what is retained.

5.       If you are in the 8 week period and the full rental amount has been paid, we will only refund 70% off the full rental amount if the agent can re book your whole rental period.

6.       If the agent cannot re let your whole rental period, the whole rental becomes non refundable.

7.       The agent will endeavour to do everything they can to re let the period, the may take the whole 8 weeks for the agent to re let the property.

8.       We do recommend travel insurance to help you cover this cost; the travel insurance will need to cover cancellations. We will provide you with all off the cancellations documents if you do need to put in a claim.

9.       Once the cancellation has been confirmed you will receive written conformation.

10.    No refunds we will be given for an early departure.


Rental period

Your rental period will be the period of time in nights in which you have rented the property for, this will be stated in your booking conformation and invoice. No other forms will be accepted as written conformation for your rental period. It will be upto the guest to raise any issues within the first 24 hours in the case that the conformation is wrong, after this time issues raised will not changed without the admin fee of £50.


Changes of rental period

1.       My Seaside Luxury will endeavour but is in no way under any obligation to consider a request to change the rental period after it has been accepted and confirmed. We may be able to accept the request if the same selected property is available for your dates. The request must be in writing from the guest.

2.       If we can accommodate your request there will be a £40 admin fee and if there is an increase in price the difference will be charged and pay able immediately.

3.       Once the request has been granted and the fee has been paid the new booking conformation will be emailed out.


Alternative accommodation

1.       There may be an occasion where a material change needs to be made to your holiday rental. These reasons may include withdrawal of the holiday rental, flood damage, building maintenance or any other unforeseen circumstance. In this event as an agent with will endeavour to offer you alternative accommodation of the same standard. If the alternative is if of a higher price the agent reserves the right to charge the extra. The holiday guest does have the right to decline the alternative and a full refund shall be given, no compensation would be payable.


Damage deposit

1.       Every property and owner requires a £250 refundable damage deposit; this will be taken as a pre authorisation before you holiday or before key collection. Failure to do this and we reserve the right to refuse entry to the property.

2.       The damage deposit is help to rectifying all damages and breakages plus the problems listed under extra charges.

3.       We do not need permission from the guest to charge the card we will outline all costs that have been charged for to the lead guest.

4.       If the damages exceed £250 we do reserve the right to invoice for the excess amount. This will need to be paid within 7 days of the invoice date.

5.       If we have reason to believe these damages are being enforced on purpose throughout your stay, we reserve the right to ask you to vacate the property immediately with no refund.

6.       The security deposit will either be held by agency or the owner.

7.       The security deposit will be paid back in the same way it was paid and will be paid back with 7 days of your holiday.

8.       The security deposit will be help with in our third party PCI compliant payment system.

9.       The property will be checked within 48 hours after your departure

10.    We only act as the agent, any complaint you have with is in respect of the security deposit should be addressed directly to the owner. We cannot accept any responsibility or enter into any negotiations regarding this aspect of your contract with the owner. We act solely on the instruction of the owner.

11.    We ask after 11pm noise is kept to a minimal and any music is turnt down, your holiday let is located in residential location and even though you are on holiday and we don’t wan to spoil the fun, we ask you to respect the neighbors. If a complaint Is made we will charge £100 as compensation to the neighbors


Care of selected property and responsibilities of the guests

1.       The property and it’s contents including all furniture, inventory, fittings, facilities, equipment, gardens must be kept in the same condition as at the commencement of the holiday.

2.       On your departure of the property the property should be left in the same state of cleanliness and order in which it was found.

3.       You will be responsible for the cost of any breakages or damages to the property and you will be liable for you and all your guests.

4.       All rubbish must taken from the property on your departure, any rubbish left will incur a £35 charge.

5.       The owner is entitled to claim the total sum from the lead guest even if they were not personally responsible, we recommend you take out adequate insurance to cover this liability.

6.       The owner also has the right to charge for any additional cleaning that is required, that is over and above the normal required changeover.

7.       You also have the reasonable to leave the property at the correct departure time unless otherwise authorised by the owner.


Additional charges

1.       All guest should take their rubbish with them if there is not room in the bins provided, any additional rubbish that needs to be removed from the property will be charged at £35.

2.       Linen and towels- All linen and towels should not be washed or abused by the guest. If the linen or the towels are abused in such a way that the item cannot be used again there will be a £35 charge.

3.       Additional cleaning – If additional cleaning is required with will be charged at a rate of £15 plus VAT an hour.

4.       Unauthorised late check out – Checking out on time is essential if you do check out late unauthorised there will be a £35 charge, as it will delay the cleaning company.

5.       Lost keys – If keys are lost or unreturned there will be a fee of £20.


What is included in the rental amount

1.       The property for your selected time period.

2.       Gas, Electricity and water.

3.       Full use of amenities.

4.       Linen and towels.

5.       Check out clean.

We recommend you take beach towels and cot bed linen as these are not provided.


Number of people using the property

1.       Only the number of people stated in the property description may use the property unless other agreed by the owner. Infants using a cot are not included in the maximum people.

2.       If the number excludes the limit the owner has the right to ask you to leave with your party and no refunds will be given and the security deposit will be charged to cover the amount of additional people there were.


Access, arrival and departure

1.       The owner/representative or the agency must be allowed access to carry out inspections. They also have the right to access the property during your stay to carry out emergency/essential maintenance work or in the event that there is another type of emergency.

2.       Arrival is from 3pm and the keys can be collected from 3pm at the designated collection point.

3.       You must vacate the property at 10am unless otherwise arranged and unscheduled late check out will result in a £35 fee.



1.       Dogs are more than welcome in some of our properties, they do state on our website weather the property does or does not accept dogs, if this is not clear please ask before you book.

2.       We do not accept any other pet within the property.


Right of entry

1.       My Seaside Luxury and the owner has the right to enter the property at reasonable times, the exception would be in the case of an emergency immediate access would be required.



Social Events

1.       We do not allow any functions within the property without prior consent of the owner. Consent would need to be in writing from the owner and additional charges may apply.


Security and valuables

1.       Any valuables left at the property are left at your own risk, neither the agency or the owner can take responsibility for any losses.

2.       Where provided burglar alarms must be activated and proper care taken against theft and burglary.

3.       You are responsible for locking and shutting all doors and windows every time you vacate the property.

4.       No refunds can be given if the property is vacated due to burglary.

5.       The property must be locked at night and when unattended.

6.       Failure to do these steps may result in the invalidation of the property insurance and any losses or damages caused due to your failure to secure the property will be passed onto the lead guest to be paid in full.

7.       You are responsible for leaving the property secure on your departure.


Right to refuse bookings

1.       As the agent we have the right to refuse any bookings.



1.       Your contract is with the owner, in the event you are disappointed with the property or have any reason to complain we will attempt to assist you if you cannot come to an amicable solution with the owner.

2.       You must first contact the owner and give them the opportunity to deal with the complaint.

3.       Complaints about the property need to be risen within the first 24 hours of your stay; any complaints after this time about the property will be forfeited. The owner needs to be given reasonable time to deal with the complaint.

4.       If the problem was not resolved during your stay, you should put your comments in writing and provide with these details with in 3 days after your stay has ended and then within reason we will go back to the owner with these complaints and liaise with the owner to make a satisfactory settlement. However it is your responsibility to take the complaint up with the owner directly if no satisfactory settlement can be reached.

5.       As the agency we are not responsible for any property complaints and then in return will not provide any compensation or money back on your stay.

6.       If you have a complaint in regards to the service provided by My Seaside Luxury please write to us within three days of the provision of service in question. We cannot accept any liability if we were not notified.



1.       We only act as an agent for the owner. We cannot accept responsibility for any acts or omissions of the owner or anyone representing them, employed or contracted by them.

2.       We cannot accept any liability for any short comings or defects with or in any property as all properties are with the owners sole control.

3.       Our only liability to you if we were found at fault in relation to any service we provide as opposed to the owner, is limited to the commission we have earned in relation to the booking in question.

4.       The owner and agent cannot be held responsible for any noise or disturbance originating from beyond the property, which is beyond our control.

5.       The owner and the agent cannot held responsible for any breakdown in mechanical equipment such as boilers.

6.       Force Majeure: The agent shall not be held responsible or liable for any changes, cancellations, or any effect on the holiday, due to the event, which with all due care could not be forseen or avoided.


Governing law

1.       These booking conditions and all matters in them are governed by English Law.

2.       If you wish to make a claim against the agent or have a dispute with the agent, we both agree it will be dealt with the courts of England and Wales only.

3.       If any provision is invalid or unenforceable the remaining provisions still remain in force. Any invalid or unenforceable provisions shall be replaced by valid..


Data protection

1.       For the purposes of the Data Protection Act 2008 we are a data controller. In order process the booking we need to collect certain personal details from you. We must past some of these personal details to the owner. The information may also be provided to public authorities as and when required by law. We do not store or process credit/debit card details.

2.       You agree that My Seaside Luxury can process your personal data in this and pass these details on the relevant authorities if need be.

3.       You also agree that My Seaside Luxury can may process and store personal details for it’s own administration, market analysis and future marketing purposes and special offers and events.

4.       You have the right to obtain any information we hold about you, any queries please contact us.


Helpful information

1.       All information and any additional is available on our website

2.       Every effort has been made to ensure the information on our website is correct at the time of publication. Statements made by the agents are made in good faith.